Finished School

I still can’t beleive I have left Primary School. It was so sad. I didn’t cry bt all the other girls apart from me, amy and bev did. LOL. I got loads of Pressies. Of Tara I got a winnie the pooh sort of maths staitionary set and sum scented fluffy pens. Of Jesse i got a Owl Teddy. Of Cat i got a Winnie the Pooh Globe thing with Glitter that swirls around. Of Jamie I gota set of 2 lil pens n a pad and a mini bobble. Of emma i got this really cool thing were theres 2 dice with numbers on and u have 2 make it so that it shows the dte because u have a lil thing woth the months on aswell. And I got them all a little Coaster with a Picture of me and them in it and of the outside it said at the top MATES and at the bottom it said 2005 and at the sides it had the names of us 2.

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